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artistic researches:


artistic sonic and visual study with wheels

à la minute

cutting apart, blur, contrast, cover - various one minute sound collages. a little example:

JazzNoel Schmidlin
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Tabula Musica

Tabula Musica trains musicians with and without disabilities so that they can play in a professional environment. It is the first orchestra that integrates adaptable music technology instruments alongside various traditional instruments, with the aim of making music-making as barrier-free and accessible as possible. Noel is conducting the Tabula Musica Orchestra since 2022.

(photo by Maximilian Lederer)

Ensemble KRAN

Ensemble KRAN is an impro-collective based in Berne, Switzerland. It was founded by Mara Probst and Johannes Feuchter in 2016 and performs since then in varying constellations out of around 12 members. KRAN plays in various places, Impro Festivals such as “zoom in” and furthermore, gives workshops on improvisation.

(video by Franz Bannwart)

Tönstör: Sonic Recycling

Tönstör is an artistic and experimental music education project for children and young people and encourages them to listen, participate and discover new music together.

Noel works with his project "Sonic Recycling" within the framework of Tönstör. Together with the participants, the daily rubbish heap is given new artistic attention and used to compose and make music.

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