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recent artistic researches:


artistic sonic and visual study with wheels

Motor Music

artistic study of motors and resonating objects making sounds

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Tabula Musica

The TABULA MUSICA ORCHESTRA is an inclusive orchestra which is composed of musicians with and without disabilities. It is the first orchestra that integrates adaptable music technology instruments alongside various traditional instruments, with the aim of making music-making as barrier-free and accessible as possible. The repertoire is arranged especially for the orchestra and these specific instruments played in it, which significantly influences the unique sound of the orchestra. Noel is conducting the TABULA MUSICA ORCHESTRA since 2022 and writes musical pieces and arrangements for it.

(photo by Maximilian Lederer)


KRAN is a free improvisation ensemble based in Berne who is in search for sounds with a certain intimacy, roughness and authenticity. Far away from musical clichés or learned gestures. Furthermore the quartet is particularly interested in the relationship between sound and the movements that are made during its production and try to think of music in a larger context. KRAN has played at numerous venues, such as the improvisation festival zoom in in Berne or at FIM Basel.


Tönstör: Sonic Recycling

Tönstör is an artistic and experimental music education project for young people and encourages them to listen, discover and create new music together.

Noel works with his projects "Sonic Recycling" or "Electric Touch" within the framework of Tönstör. Together with the participants, the everyday rubbish heap is given new artistic attention, motors are soldered into sound installations and various ways of composing and making music are explored.

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