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selected works

work in progress:

new piece for chamber orchestra and tape; comission

stören (2022/23)

for ensemble and motion detectors that play a loud tape as soon as the audience does not move in a disturbing way.

commissioned by Ensemble Proton Bern (winner of Protonwerk No. 12)

sparen (2021)

for fl, vla, hrp und three little loudspeakers

commissioned by Ensemble Tramontana

(winner of the TAP/21 composition competition)

played by Tramontana:

flute - Aurora Pajón Fernández

viola - Alejandra Martín Hernández

harp - Mathilde Bernard

recorded, mixed and mastered by Ramon Bischoff

© 2022 Prefermusic


comprimere (2020)

for cl, vl, vla, vc und perc (ratchet + iPad)

commissioned by dèdalo ensemble, Brescia (Italy)

The piece “comprimere” is about compression on different levels. The music of the ensemble gets recorded by the iPad (percussionist) and therefore compressed. During repetitions the ensemble becomes weaker while the digital recorded version becomes more and more present. The energetic movements of the players to produce music get replaced by a simple click or scroll on the screen. This transition from a live performance by traditional instruments to the digital registered sound through little speakers makes the music easier and cheaper to reproduce, but it also means a loss of sound quality. Furthermore, the musical material gets time compressed until only short beats and noise remain at the end.

Rad (2020/21)

artistic sonic and visual study with wheels


project at the Musikfestival Bern 2020


Text-Tonik deals with the sound of the individual languages of participants of different ages. Concept and project management together with Elina Bächlin, collaboration with participants of different generations and the spoken word artists Guy Krneta and Marco Gurtner.


for e-guit and smartphone

played by Giuseppe Mennuti

A piece about movements, repetition, the noise and the sounds of everyday electronic devices.

Leck (2017/18)

for vl, hn and keys (pno/MIDI-keyb.)

violin - Noel Schmidlin

horn - Adrian Städeli

keys - Jérémy Lenoir

video by Lara Wedekind

Leck II (2018)

for 3 vl, 3 tb and 3 keyplayer (pno/MIDI-keyb.)

Milieu X (2016)

for orchestra (2 fl, 2 ob, bn, 2 hn, strings, kb solo)

played by Bieler Sinfonieorchester


for acc, eb, kb and film

pour_suivre (2015)

for violin and accordeon


for violin solo

Linien und Arabesken (2015)

for orchestra (2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 bn, 2 hn, 2 tp,2 tb, string trio solo + strings)

commissioned by the youth orchestra Arabesque, Thun

Drei Spiegel (2015)

for oboe and horn

Im Namen... (2015)

for pno, vibraph, vc and fl, ob, cl, hn, vl, vla

played by Ensemble Vertigo

entre noir et blanc (2014)

for string orchestra (6, 6, 3, 4, 1)

Avent (2014)

for 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 hn, 2 perc, 4 vl

Balance (2014)

for clarinet and basoon

drei kurze Stücke (2014)

for three violins

drei Miniaturen für Klavier (2013)

for piano solo

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